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Nation fruit?


How many play hours do you have on Animal Crossing? (Check it in Activity Log)

1145 hours

When did you start playing Animal Crossing New Leaf?

June 11th 2013, I pre-ordered the game but it took a while to get here.

Favorite flower type in ACNL?

A tie between roses and cosmos

Do you have a perfect town?

Yup :)

What is your main source of bells?

Used to be buying items for cheap from other players and reselling them for a profit. But now I have 100’s of millions of bells so I’ve stopped farming bells.

Favorite villager type?

I like jock villagers the most, they always make me laugh :)

What does the exterior of your house look like (In AC :3)

Sweets exterior, fully expanded, no exterior remodel.

What is your flag of?

What is your town tune? Or is it just a random melody?

Game of Thrones theme song

Town name?


My questions:

  1. What’s your least favorite villager type?
  2. What’s your favorite public works project?
  3. Do you buy every single item that you don’t have to complete the catalog or do you only buy what you like?
  4. Have you completed any of your museum exhibits?
  5. What’s your favorite season?
  6. Have any of your favorite villagers ever moved out?
  7. Do you streetpass a lot of people?
  8. Do any of your irl friends play the game?
  9. Do you ever go to Club Tormiter?
  10. If you could change anything about ACNL what would you change?
  11. Does your mayor look anything like you?

People I tag:

  1. I tag anyone who reads this and whats to do it because Im a cheater
romantically-unstable sent: Hey :D My town have a turnip spike (605 per turnip) and I'd like to help people <3 <3 Could you please signal boost?

Whoa! That’s so kind of you! ; U ;


migrating to new sd card



If I switch all of my Digital games over to a new SD Card would my save files also carry over or would I have to start from zero?

I tried and lost all my data when I did

WHHAATT D8 nevermind, so not doing it now. I guess I’ll just stick to using two SD cards

migrating to new sd card

If I switch all of my Digital games over to a new SD Card would my save files also carry over or would I have to start from zero?

Nintendo is doing a promotion where you get a free Pokemon X/Y game if you register a 3DS, 2DS, or 3DS XL along with a qualifying game. So if you haven’t registered your games or systems now might be a good time to do so!

any tbt members out there? I recently made a cycling thread on tbt where I’ll be giving away a bunch of popular villagers for free (like julian, zucker, muffy, etc.)

Anonymous sent: Okay so, why do some people cover every inch of their town. Like??? how would you be able to shake trees or put stuff on ground. AND THE GRASS, THE WONDERFUL GRASS?

I have fruit in my storage in case any of my villagers need any. But mostly I just filled my town with flowers because I hate having to search through my map for ugly gyroids. There is only one part of my town that has empty spaces so now after it rains I just have to look through that area instead of searching everywhere




does anyone have recommendations for or against the prima guide for acnl?

i’d be willing to buy a guide like that as a handy reference. however, i’ve read about some pretty significant errors and omissions within it. so if free online guides are more handy…

I regret getting mine, I barely use it. The online guides on Thonky & Gamefaqs are better. If you’re looking for an item list moridb and the ACNL Guide app are much more convenient

Tumblr ate my first reblog attempt so trying this again…

I got it and then never used it, it was mostly pointless and poorly organized.

I use the Japanese “kanpeki” guide book for both my jp and na region games, and then I google/thonky if there’s something exclusive to the na version.

From what I have seen it seems like most online sources actually do just use translations of the Japanese guidebooks, and then add in the exclusive region stuff by word of mouth.

I have it also, and it’s not very useful. It’s poorly organized and a lot of the information on it is actually wrong. Aside from the guides are already listed by the people that reblogged before me I recommend getting the “ACNL Guide” app if you have a smartphone :)