My blog has been pretty inactive lately. I still play ACNL, but I haven’t really been documenting it because of school and whatnot. My birthday is coming up soon though, so I’ve been thinking of getting a 3DS w/ a capture card and using it to stream games.

My goal is to make a twitch channel (and possibly a Youtube one) where I’ll be sharing my progress/doing weekly giveaways. The thing is that my main ACNL town is a digital copy on the ACNL 3DS XL and since I don’t know how long it takes for a capture card to be installed I’m afraid of being without my game for too long, or for it to get damaged/lost in the mail (the only people that I know that do 3DS XL capture cards are from Japan)

So I’ve been thinking of getting the capture card installed on a regular 3DS and just starting a brand new ACNL game (with a cartridge that I can just reset.) Then of course once Pokemon comes out I can start giving out free shinies and sharing a brand new game u w u

What do you guys think?

Anonymous sent: Ahhhh I live your Evee pixels. Could you do a Woobat tshirt pixel?

Did you message the wrong person? I’ve made a few QR codes, but no Eevee stuff that I can remember. Though if you show me the Eevee shirt you meant I could attempt to make a Woobat one :3

Anonymous sent: New Leaf has the worst server. One time I was going to adopt someone's villager but an error kept popping up and the train never showed up. It took to many tries, we called it quits. The support site has yet to post a solution. I wish this problem was fixed. :/

Apparently some routers/internet services (not sure of which would be the correct term) are not compatible with each other. For example…

Player A - has a router/internet that is compatible with mine. If I try to play with them I will have no issues connecting with them.

Player B - has a router that is not compatible with mine. If I try to play with them I will not be able to connect with them no matter how many times I try. When I talked with support I was told to change my network settings (again, not sure if this is the right term) they walked me through some stuff but in the end none of those changes fixed anything. I’ve only ran across this problem twice (with two different people) and both times the people told me that this happened to them with almost everyone. I tried using my iPhone as a hotspot and it didn’t help, I also went to a nearby McDonalds and it didn’t help either. But when they went to McDonalds and I stayed at home we were able to connect and do our trade.

Anonymous sent: I don't understand why people put restaurants, shops, pet shops, zoo's etc. in their houses. Or even make their entire house a hotel. I'm not hating - they can do whatever the heck they want with their houses - I just don't understand. It's a house. You know, where you live and sleep and shit. It's not a service, it's where you live. You don't have to put all these cafes and shops in your house to make it look nice and interesting.

when I was growing up we had an actual bakery/restaurant in our house. we had a huge house with two front doors in the living room, so my dad built a wall to split the living room into two parts, one front door was used to enter the house and the other to enter the bakery/restaurant :)



after taking a short break from the game we’ve come back to a lot of requests that still need to be filled. so right now we’re hoping to add a third permanent member to our team to help with filling backed up requests as well as future requests. Please note that this is a FREE service. If accepted you will not get paid for your work.


1. Make sure that you have: 1) a tumblr account 2) a 3DS with internet access 3) a copy of animal crossing with an unlocked dream suite 4) plenty of free time.
2. Send us an ask saying that you want to apply and wait for us to respond. We will give you a Dream Address. Visit that Dream Address and take at least 10 pictures. Then make a post on your blog including the pictures along with a short review. Check out our blog to see what an acceptable entry should look like.
3. Once you finish submit to us the link to your post.
4. We will reblog all acceptable entries. Then on august 20th, 2014 we will choose the new member.