Anonymous sent: I really want to reset, but I have all my dreamies. Where should I seek help for people to hold them while I reset?

If you have any friends that play ACNL I would recommend asking them to hold them for you. If not, there are many people on thebelltreeforums that could hold them for you, just make sure that you give them to someone with a high rep (to avoid being scammed) and is active (if you give them to someone who is inactive you might end up waiting forever for them to cycle them out for you.)

If you’re going for the stranger route I would also recommend asking for their skype or for another form of contact. It’s easier to arrange things when you have various forms of contact.

But whatever the case: do know that there is always a risk of something going wrong. I’ve heard many stories of people who have been scammed or have given their villagers to someone who refuses to TT/cycle them out and they end up waiting forever for their villagers, etc. Not trying to scare you, only telling you the risks to put emphasis on why it’s so important to find the right person.

P.S: I would volunteer myself but my town is currently full

Anonymous sent: Where would I be able to trade perfect oranges for perfect peaches (or any other perfect fruit)??

I can give you perfect peaches, but if you’re looking for other fruits it might be a good idea to register at thebelltreeforums :)

Anonymous sent: This might sound like a stupid question but did you have to pay any fees when using PayPal for commissions/receiving money? Also, what about the whole "IRS taxes" business?

I think that it depends on how the money is sent (whether they choose the gift option or the payment for services, etc.) There are times when I’ve been commissioned and have received the full amount and other times when Paypal has discounted a few cents.

As for the IRS: it counts as self-employment income and must be reported if the yearly net profit exceeds $400 (I might be wrong about this though)

Anonymous sent: I really like villagers like Marshal, Stitches, Ankha, etc., but I feel like I cant have them in my town because they're so popular and it'll make me seem so stereotypical to have them.

Who cares if they’re popular? Do whatever makes you happy, don’t worry about what others will think of you!

I meant to publish this but accidentally hit “answer privately”
Anonymous sent: Hello. Do you know anyone willing to donate a hair bow wig? Thanks :)

Hi! I’ll donate one to you if it shows up in Gracie :) (right now I only have the one that I’m wearing)